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Since 1975, tens of thousands of Yemeni students and professionals have benefitted from their study at YALI and now serve the community in positions across the economy and in the wider region. A large number of Yemen's academics programs also started their careers and preparation as YALI students. these instructors have served. Further, working closely with the Yemen government through the department of International cooperation of the Ministry of Planning, YALI has provided thousands of Yemeni civil servants with the English-language skills needed to increase their productivity and broaden their perspectives. Since 1993, over 24,000 sponsored employees and trainees of the civil service and industry have participated in these special programs offered by YALI. These trainees have included a number of employees working in the petroleum and petroleum service industries.

YALI Students

University Students

Any Academic student is in need for professional 1st class English skills, to exceed in his studies, such skills you’ll find at YALI.


In his free time any employee can increase his carrier development chances by improving his English Language.

Job Seekers

Accelerate your chances to get the job of your dreams, buy studying in the best English Language School in Yemen.

Knowledge Seekers

English at YALI is what any Knowledge Seeker need to rise from the ashes and for his star to reborn and shine to the world.