31 Jul 2017
T. Waseem Zuhra At working fields, managers and employees face a lot of situations that require sensible decision. Decisions are very important to improve our working style as well as our life. In unit 11, we learned useful ways to make decisions, to participate in discussions and to be persuasive on them, and using first and second conditions to talk about future possibilities can help us sound more polite in doing so. First of all, we reviewed diagrams of three decision making processes and the main differences between them. There were (a* different ideas) a bout the best process. After that we moved to new vocabularies which are useful in agreement and disagreement. Participating in discussions was another interesting lesson. We practiced how to be persuasive when we express our ideas and suggestions in the class. The grammar section was about first and second conditions and we extended to cover all conditions. At the end of this unit, we had fun by playing the decision game. In conclusion, this unit gave us a clear picture of how to make decisions, how to discuss, and how to make an effective decision after thinking ten times about the matter. Great job Aziza, *You've done an excellent job summarizing not only the unit but also the details of the unit and how we've put it into practice.